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What is a Health Coach

Is your doctor a health coach?
No, you will be advised to lose more weight or take more meds...
Is your trainer a health coach?
No, you will be told to keep on workin’ away... Gain more muscle...

If being healthy is 90-95 percent nutrition based and only 5-10 percent exercise based, you don't need a trainer - You need a health coach!
A supportive, motivational, get-you-to-a-healthier-self coach.

A health coach works with you in order to determine the right food program, provides you with educational materials, helps you see the new, better you and directs you to focus on your 30-60-120 day goals. Most of all, your health coach brings about behavioral change in a fun and effective way.

Proprietary Type 2 Diabetes Reversal Protocol

What Diabetes Solutions and "the Diabetes Reversal Project" has done is connect the dots and fill in the blanks when it comes to type 2 diabetes methodology and diabetes reversal coaching. We partner with the health professionals to create real change within their current care.

In creating "The Diabetes Reversal Project we have designed a comprehensive systematic protocol for implementing a type 2 diabetes reversal behavioral change model.

The physicians participation is essential.

The changes are so rapid that medical supervision is necessary.

Working with doctors creates the perfect partnership. We fill in the gap, providing the tools that are not standard in most practices. We handle the burden of nutrition, motivational support, behavioral change consultation and life coaching which allows the medical specialist more time to focus on what they do best.

The results are truly remarkable

and the life transformations are not just the healthy 20 pounds of weight loss but up to and beyond 200 pounds if necessary. The true difference is that the methodology is life-changing and provides motivational reinforcement that creates healthy habits that become a life-style of improved health and longevity.